The top 5 things about growing a Mo

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Well it’s Movember.

My name is Luke and I’ve never really been into facial hair. I mean, it’s not that I didn’t want a full thick beard I could spend hours stroking in contemplation, it’s just that I wasn’t particularly blessed in the grizzly department. I can get a decent stubble going, but it irritates me and I whip out the razor then I am back to ground zero.

I thought I would take up the challenge this year for a few reasons:

  1. I’m 37 and feel like if I can’t grow anything on my face now, I probably never will.
  2. It is an obvious conversation starter (since it is right there on your gob) about the seriousness of these issues (cancer & suicide).
  3. I am passionate about sustainability and the fact is, there is basically zero waste in this fundraising endeavour (that is if you abstain from the lure of the merchandise). It is literally growing what is already there.
  4. I really like it when people smile, and it’s just so gosh darn hard not to light up when the ‘stache’ is in the room.
  5. The whole Movember movement was started with a few blokes in Melbourne sharing a beer and has grown into a world-wide phenomenon.

So, I have set a loose target of $2,000 which, I think, if I can get a few good folk to sling the Movember Foundation a few good bucks, should be relatively achievable. I don’t really mind whether you support me, or someone else you know, but I urge you to consider making a donation. Oh, and for those (like me) who are interested where their hard-earned will be allocated, I’ve stolen this graphic from the Movember website with the 2016 breakdown:

So much can be achieved through all the funded projects and it has been a wild experience letting the top lip be free!

Now, the Top 5 things I didn’t realise about growing a Mo

  1. The top lip (maybe it’s just me??) is quite sensitive and has taken about 20 days of solid growing to not feel painful anymore.
  2. It actually blows in the wind and tickles.
  3. It is quite difficult to keep it clean from snot (it hasn’t helped that I’ve battled a cold for a week).
  4. It is near on impossible to stop licking the thing.
  5. Other people never love it as much as the one who is growing it.

I also wanted to pass on a huge thanks to all those at Fresh Holistic Health, for the encouragement this month.

Here’s the link if you are keen . Thanks!