Robyn Cooper

Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine,

Herbal Medicine & Natural Fertility Support

Robyn has over 15 years of clinical experience as a Naturopath and in her involvement in product development, research, technical support and product education within the naturopathic industry. In these roles Robyn has developed vast knowledge of the many tools and varied approaches available to today’s clinicians. Robyn graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy).  Robyn has also traveled throughout Australia, Europe, America and Canada to attend seminars and conferences to further develop her skills and knowledge in naturopathic and herbal medicines.

Robyn recently spent a few years living in Canada and the USA, where she greatly expanded her knowledge and passion for North American herbs (eg Echinacea, Elderberry etc). Here she worked closely with many herbs in all facets of hands on experiences; growing, cultivating, harvesting and manufacturing many of her own remedies.

These experiences, coupled with the previous 15 years of private practice in clinics around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, have established Robyn as a highly respected and developed naturopathic and herbal medicine clinician.

Robyn believes that natural medicine is more than just using pills and potions.  Robyn uses herbal and nutritional medicine, alongside education in diet, lifestyle and environmental assistance, to treat a wide range of conditions. Robyn focuses on improving the long-term health of clients and their family with a focus on prevention in a cost-effective way.

Robyn offers naturopathic and herbal medicine assistance in the following areas; hormonal imbalances in both males and females at all age, natural fertility and reproductive health for both men and women, pregnancy and lactation support, sleep disturbances, children’s health, skin conditions, immune system conditions (including seasonal, chronic, acute and autoimmune conditions), dietary and environmental intolerances, pain management, digestive complaints, mental health and stress management.