Dr Sharon Chant

MBBS (Hons); FRACGP; B.Sc.

Dr Sharon Chant is a Functional Medicine doctor. As a Functional Medicine doctor, Sharon strives to maximise your health with nutrition, meaning the right foods for your body and your metabolism.

Exercise, healthy mind and good thoughts, quality sleep and spiritual practices are all needed for optimizing mind, body and spirit. Vitamin and mineral supplements may also be needed to reach your optimal health.

Dr Chant had 20 years in natural medicine before commencing a Medical degree in her mid 40’s. She was brought up in a family where their family doctor was ahead of his time and used Vitamins and Minerals to balance body function; so this was where she headed when she graduated from Medical School.

She has a bachelor of Medicine (hons) and has completed further studies with the Institute of Functional Medicine, the Walsh Institute (Bio Balance), the Australasian College of Natural & Environmental Medicine, and the Mindd Foundation.

Dr Chant tries to find the underlying cause of the discomfort and ill health. Could it be a food allergy, toxin, infection?

Dr Chant’s special interests include nutrition, mental illness including anxiety and depression, autism and behavioural disorders, hormone regulation, diabetes management, SIBO, adrenal health, thyroid health, pre conception and pregnancy planning, antenatal and postnatal care,  and women’s health including pap smears and breast exams.