Dr Alexandra Bernhardi





Dr Alex focuses on the fundamental question of why a patient has developed symptoms and what is required to fully restore or optimise the patient’s health. She strongly believes in education and early prevention and welcomes proactive patients who want to take control of their own health. Dr Alex’s mission is to help you live the best life possible.

What Dr Alex can do for patients with complex symptoms:
● Listen carefully to your history and symptoms
● Evaluate all organ systems in a structured and thorough way
● Choose targeted investigation beyond the “routine” tests
● Find the key driver of your symptoms
● Apply the principles of evidence based conventional, nutritional and environmental medicine and thereby treating the root causes, allowing restoration of your health.

What Dr Alex can do for patients who like to have a preventative wellness check:
● Take a thorough assessment of your overall health through a systematic approach
● Choose targeted investigation beyond the “routine” tests
● Develop individualised goals and a comprehensive treatment plan.

What formal education and training does Dr Alex have?
● Dr Alex grew up in Germany and studied medicine at Hannover Medical School, complemented by further education in acupuncture and naturopathy.
● Dr Alex moved to Australia in 2005 and attained Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) in 2009.
● Dr Alex joined the Australasian College for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) in 2015 and regularly undertakes specialised training in all aspects of Integrative Medicine – a modality that combines the best of conventional medicine with nutritional and environmental medicine.

What are Dr Alex’s core values and principles?
● Integrity
● Acknowledgement of conventional, traditional and emerging science
● Honouring each patient’s individuality and self-determination.

Dr Alex is currently accepting new patients.