We’re excited to announce that we’re now stocking AlkaWay Ultrastream Filter Systems, replacement cartridges and the AlkaGlam Hydrogen Facial Misting Spray with Vitamin C. Learn more below:

UltraStream Water Filters 💧

These simple and affordable water filters use the world’s leading-edge filtration media which purifies, alkalises and ionises your water. They also remove chorine, fluoride, chloramines and heavy metals, add beneficial alkaline minerals and come with a three year warranty.  Download the brochure here to learn more.

AlkaGlam – Hydrogen Facial Misting Spray with Vitamin C 💦

This mineral moisturising spray with vitamin C moisturises and hydrates the skin.  It contains a patented mixture of O-Dobi beads which when added to water, release calcium, magnesium and tourmaline.  These minerals may in turn help to improve the skin’s appearance and springiness, reduce wrinkles and improve acne.

The misting spray can be used daily, is easy to use, cost-effective, cruelty free and is refillable for up to a year.