Why Use Testing?

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Health Testing with Lucinda @ Fresh Holistic

Why use Testing ?

Testing in a certain area can help you gain clarity and direction. We can then put together a treatment protocol using the information that we have gained.


Some unexplained symptoms can warrant certain testing to help focus on what is happening biochemically in the body and then we are able to correct the imbalance

with certain nutrients or lifestyle modifications.


I do not always use testing but find it most valuable when needing to find clarity.


In a initial consultation, I will test your zinc status & pH, and use Iridology & tongue diagnosis to assess your health.


Health Testing Available


 Biofeedback testing for toxicity and deficiency – in house $140

 Hair Tissue analysis (Heavy Metals and Toxicity)- $120

 Food Allergy/Intolerance Testing – Starts at $265

 Omega 3 Test $80

 Genetic Health Testing $299

 Complete Microbiome mapping $360

 SIBO $180

 MTHFR $50

 And many more


(Please note that some testing Labs have a handling fee of around $20)


Hope to see you soon!


Wishing you well,

Lucinda x