Luke & Megan Bell

Fresh Holistic Health began in 2016, however the concept had been in the making for at least 2 years prior. With a background in business, Luke & Megan sensed change in the health industry and began to develop a healthcare model based around the principles of Functional / Integrative Medicine.

An opportunity to develop a space near Kunara Organic Marketplace presented in July 2015 in a new building onsite. Beginning with a blank canvas, they teamed up with Kristen Calle of CAB ROTO, a local building designer and set about the massive task of designing a clinic that accurately reflected the vision and values Luke & Megan had for their clinic.

The more they planned, the more they realised that integrating conventional medicine with natural medicine, physical movement and food were the pillars of the Fresh Holistic Health approach and presented a sustainable vibrant future for those who invested their time and effort into the pursuit of optimal health.

Luke & Megan are passionate about sustainability and embrace chemical-free living so it was very important to build a healthy space for patients / clients but also importantly, staff and practitioners who spend the bulk of their day immersed in this built environment. Click Here to find out more about Fresh Holistic Health sustainability features.

Their idea was to create a clinic with qualified and enthusiastic practitioners who could help them achieve the quality of healthcare Luke & Megan were driven to provide and their role would include the provision of business and administrative support.

Opening in January 2016, Fresh Holistic Health provides high-quality, holistic healthcare boasting some of the best local practitioners the Sunshine Coast has to offer.

Whilst juggling the needs of their four children, Luke & Megan are deeply passionate about delivering a program of positive wellness and creating a healthy environment.