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Many of the discussions I have with our male clients about their food and nutrition concerns are around a lack of information and inspiration on how to get enough veges, nutrients and healing ingredients into their daily meals. They want the recipes to be quick to prepare and easily taken on the road and to work.

So I spent some time last weekend playing with some recipes that can be easily thrown together without too much fuss, equipment or difficult ingredients.

The result is a re-invention of the simple meatball! These balls are jam packed with nutrient-dense veges and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

I’ve made a huge time-saver with these recipes by cooking the prepared balls in the oven on a baking tray or in a 12 cup muffin tray rather than slaving over a hot stove constantly turning and burning! Preparation is simply throwing all the ingredients into a large bowl and getting your hands in there to mix it all together well.

Today I have two meatball recipes for you to try as well as a healthy tomato sauce and my Paleo Aioli Mayonnaise linked from our previous blog.

14958851_10154125739908403_1505876376_nThese meatballs can be eaten hot or cold, alone with a dollop of my 1-minute paleo mayo, or this 2 minute refined-sugar free tomato sauce (recipe below), or as a meal served on a bed of zoodles with a tomato-based sauce.
I have included ingredients with proven anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties eg garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, beetroots, carrots, zucchinis. These all hlp to reduce blood pressure, improve cardio-vascular health and cleanse and detoxify your liver amongst a myriad of other nutritional benefits.
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All produce was sourced from Kunara Organic Marketplace