Janet Haworth

B.Nat, Grad.Dip.Hlth
Masters in Nursing

Janet has a passion for herbal and nutritional medicine. Her approach is to empower individuals through education, diet, lifestyle and working one on one to wellness as a way of life. Naturopathy utilizes modalities such as herbal and nutritional medicine, alongside homeopathy and lifestyle counselling to enable your body to reach its full state of ease and wellness.  If you have a chronic health condition, or are just living life, you can improve your health by minimizing risk factors from your way of living.  The goal is to enable your body to provide its best version of functionality.  This is the way of true wellness.  This is achievable if you already have wellness and want prolonged wellness, or if you have a level of dis ease already present.

Naturopathy is a philosophy of medicine that takes into account all aspects of your individual self – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, within the realms of your community and family of origin.  As such, it is appropriate for people of all ages.


Janet utilizes a bio compatibility hair test that allows your unique system to be examined against 500 foods and household items.  This is the first step in your Naturopathic Wellness Program developed just for you. If you are suffering with eczema, psoriasis, unusual rashes, or any skin condition, digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion/heartburn, irritable bowel, constipation; arthritis of any kind; children with behavior issues; any and all issues of health and particularly those related to inflammation. It is a non-intrusive test ideal for children as it can be conducted from a small sample of hair or saliva.

Janet has a passion for improving the health and well being of people of all ages and genders.  She utilizes Vitality and Longevity and Healthy Aging (VLA) technology, otherwise known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) testing.  BIA is a science that has been used for monitoring patients in hospital. If you are interested in supporting your energy levels, gaining muscle and cellular vitality you will benefit from the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis monitoring as it provides important insights into your health.  This also allows her to manage your progress and adjust your treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Janet has a particular interest in women’s health from preconception to post menopausal. Empowering women to take control of their health and well being by facilitating a pathway of ease with herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle counseling.  This makes the world of difference to the quality of life you are able to experience in the management of your long-term wellbeing.  Janet has recently written an ebook titled “The Fabulous Female Forties.  Navigating the perimenopausal years”.

From gut care, immune health, weight loss, skin health, hormonal balancing to preconception care and stress reduction techniques, Janet can make the difference count for you.  Treatment is focused on empowering you with the tools you need to provide yourself the best possible self care without long term reliance on supplements.  Her programs are focused on education, empowerment and connection to give you the best outcomes possible.

If you would like to know more about Janet, or to download a copy of Janets free ebook “But first, sleep.  Sleep tips for fatigued women”, go to www.empoweringhealth.com.au

You will also find links to her ebook “The Fabulous Female Forties.  Navigating the perimenopausal years”, available for purchase on this website.

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