Sara Eames

BHSc, Nut Med




Sara is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist having completed her bachelor of health science in Nutritional Medicine with electives in herbal medicine, iridology and yoga. Having had years of experience in the natural health industry, Sara is dedicated to helping people reach their health and weight loss goals by assisting clients with nutritional and lifestyle changes whilst using a holistic approach to healing. Sara uses a variety of methods including up to date pathology testing to determine the cause of health conditions, and why the body is holding onto excess weight. Sara started out on the road to health by going through her own health and weight loss journey and has a profound understanding of the different facets that bring about poor health and weight gain, such as low thyroid function, nutritional deficiencies, emotional eating, inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, food intolerances and poor digestion – just to name a few, which has inspired Sara to help others on their own journey to wellness.


Sara also offers weight loss packages to help clients reach their goal weight! Depending on what clients are hoping to achieve, there are a choice of silver, gold and platinum packages to help people stay on track and have the ongoing support they need to succeed.

many people do not understand why they cannot lose weight no matter what they change in their diet and exercise regime. Other people that end up yo-yo dieting and losing some weight often end up losing muscle mass and holding onto their fat storages and then often put the weight back on.”


Sara also holds cooking workshops, demonstrating how easy it is to make nutritious foods for good health and weight loss that everyone can enjoy. “Cooking is one of the great joys of my life and I love making food for people whilst encouraging them to get into the kitchen and change old habits into good, healthful ones”. Sara assists people with label reading, offers supermarket shopping assistance and kitchen re-organising.


By incorporating Iridology into consultations, or having an in-depth Iridology consultation with Sara, potential underlying health issues may be picked up which makes iridology a great tool to help patients. A specialised camera takes a close-up picture of the iris and then certain areas of the iris are discussed with patients to get a good understanding of what is going on within the body.

What clients can expect within a consultation or weight loss package with Sara

  • 5 week, 9 week and 13 week weight loss packages
  • Realistic health and weight loss goals
  • Supermarket tour consultation
  • Detailed food plans with recipes
  • Correction of nutritional deficiencies with dietary changes and high-quality practitioner-only supplements.
  • Assessment of tongue, nail and skin signs
  • Iridology
  • Comprehensive pathology testing such as food sensitivity testing, thyroid testing, stress hormone testing, sex hormone testing and nutritional deficiency testing.
  • Ongoing email and telephone support throughout your treatment plan
  • An in-depth look into label reading and supermarket shopping
  • Support with exercise regimes and lifestyle modifications

Private health rebates and payment plans available.

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Sara Eames explains Iridology and how it integrates with a Nutrition Consultation