Class Instructors

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Angelique De Gruchy, Yoga Teacher

Angelique de Gruchy has been practicing yoga and mindfulness for nearly 20 years and is the third generation in her family to teach the ancient art. With a deep passion for both yoga and music, she carefully fuses the two by crafting exclusive and seamless soundtracks to build the flow and enhance the energy within a session.

A natural teacher, Angelique has the ability to delicately weave elements of yoga asana and philosophy, alongside mindfulness, creative visualization and positive psychology to inspire and empower yogis to LIVE their BEST life both on and off the mat.

With an extensive background in yoga (RYT500 – Vanessa Rudge, Michael Daly & Shiva Rea), Remedial Massage Therapy (Dip Rem Mass) and Creative Arts (BCA), Angelique is sure to guide you through an inspiring and empowering flow.

Ben Gaffney, Qigong

Qigong is a combination of exercise techniques designed to improve health, increase longevity, and enhance functional ability. These techniques have been developed and refined since antiquity and are based on the traditional Chinese medical premise that the body’s fluids must circulate without unnecessary blockage for optimal health. 

Similarly, potential and kinetic energy must circulate without unnecessary blockage for optimal movement, which makes these techniques of great value to athletes, martial artists, dancers, and yogis alike.  Furthermore, it is understood that circulation deteriorates with age as a consequence of the muscular tension we all develop when we first learn to stand and move.  The deterioration in circulation eventually leads to sub-optimal organ function and poor health over ensuing decades.  Qigong aims to change the way we move to improve circulation.

Maddie Battega, Yoga Teacher

Maddie has been practicing and teaching fitness classes, yoga and meditation for the past 19+ years in particular teaching individual private sessions, small groups and large groups (3–40 people).

Maddie has over 800 teaching hours, and her training is in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with a foundation in meditation, as that was the style in which her teachers were trained. She has been practicing and teaching fitness classes, yoga and meditation for the past 19+ years in particular teaching individual private sessions, small groups and large groups (3–40 people).

Maddie’s personal practice includes many different styles, including Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Yin, Acro, Silks, Kids, Partner and Flow Yoga, and she incorporates different elements from those disciplines into each of her classes. She has also trained with Les Mills Australia, renowned experts, and she has learned to incorporate the healing powers of Pilates and Tai Chi into her classes. BODYBALANCE® is the Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Maddie is a certified advanced level two yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance, and is currently working toward her chakra certification for continuing development.

Susanne McAllister, NIA Movement Instructor

Susanne McAllister has been working in private practice as a Wellness Coach, Counsellor, Mentor and Clinical Hypnotherapist over the last 15 years in Spain, Germany and Australia. 

Susanne has a string of degrees to her name and a passion for teaching Nia Dance, which she has been doing in various locations for 5 years. She is a fully licensed Nia Instructor with many years of teaching and dedication to this somatic practice that follows’ The Joy of Movement” principle.  

Rachel Radic, Yoga Teacher

For Rachel, Yoga is about transformation. Using our practice on the mat as a cocoon to grow and learn from and then emerge back into life anew! Yes yoga is strengthening, balancing and lengthening for the body and this is wondrous in itself. And yet yoga gifts us with so much more.. 

Rachel loves vinyasa yoga because there is so much beauty being in flow. Such great awakenings are offered within the asanas and also within the transitions between the asanas. There is so much to explore! 

Rachel offers classes to suit all bodies and experience, providing options so that the class can be practiced at the student’s own pace. Listening to, accepting and honouring your body in yoga and in life is of most importance! 

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat and guiding you into your weekend with a joyful heart, a balanced body and a present mind. Namaste!

Leah Corey, Yoga Teacher

Leah is an expat from Portland Oregon who was originally introduced to yoga in high school. After needing a big shift in her life Leah began to deepen her practice. She had a thirst for learning and desire to help others. In 2014 she studied and became a Yoga Teacher so she could help others deepen their experience in life in one aspect of yoga. 

The journey of yoga has opened Leah’s world to other health modalities, alternative healings and expanding consciousness of the mind through the simple everyday day use of the breath. Over her many years of practice and study Leah offers to help others through holistic coaching, energy healing, body work and physical yoga practice. She continues to unlearn and reprogram her life from her practices and is excited to share her learnings and practice with others.

Kristie Axe, Yoga Teacher

Qualified and experienced in both Purna (Hatha) and Yin Yoga as well as meditation, Kristie brings a holistic approach to her teaching. Kristie’s classes offer deep stretches, strengthening and lengthening muscles, as well as focusing on elements of breath work, mindfulness and relaxation.

Kristie has worked across many fitness centres and studios working with both large and small groups including participants of all ages and fitness levels. She is warm and friendly and her passion for Yoga really comes across in her teaching.

Pru Todd, Pilates Instructor

Pru relishes in being able to connect with people on a deep level helping them to have an increased awareness of their body’s, within themselves. Students also learn to trust her quickly which helps them listen to their own bodies more readily.

Pru’s desire is to help men and women connect to their core and pelvic floor using pilates & breathwork..improving posture, tone and strength in everyday body movements.

Monika Harrison, Pilates Instructor

Monika has been working in the Fitness Industry since 1985 specialising in Aqua, Gym and Group Fitness instruction. Monika is participating regularly in workshops/courses to keep registered with Fitness Australia and up to date with the current developments in the Industry.

Monika is very passionate about Pilates and believes that Core Strength and Flexibility is very important in injury prevention , rehabilitation and achieving your performance goals. It also promotes general Wellbeing to lead a healthy and productive Life.

Kylah Messineo, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Kylah’s passion and love for yoga continues to grow and evolve daily. She focuses on the heart, teaching with compassion, helping others to open the heart and feel that quality within the practice. The journey begins with an attitude of self- acceptance and moves progressively into deeper levels of self-understanding.

She is passionate about helping each individual to find the safest and most effective way to practice, with compassion and without judgment. Her knowledge around teaching asana with proper alignment and safety precautions will enhance the benefits of yoga and increase self-knowledge.

Emphasis is placed on smooth transitions as we move into and out of poses, creating a moving meditation connecting mind, body and soul.  Kylah strives daily to live a yogic lifestyle, consistently applying the yamas and niyamas to all thoughts, energy and actions for the highest good of all beings.

Kylah looks forward to seeing you on the mat and is humbled to be able to share yoga with you all.