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My name is Robyn Cooper and I am very excited to join the team here at Fresh Holistic Health.

For the past 15 years I have been in clinical practice as a Naturopath, working in several clinics in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

My early years of clinical practice have been in established clinics with a fertility support focus. Helping couples to conceive both naturally and alongside assisted fertility treatments. In several of these clinics I have had the pleasure of working closely with well-respected Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbalists.

This experience flourished a great respect for working in with other practitioners and the marvelous results that combining TCM, Western Herbal Medicine and Naturopathic practices together can achieve.

While fertility has been a focus area for me, I also have a keen interest in working with many other areas of health and wellbeing. An obvious transition in focusing on fertility health is that I’m commonly supporting children, couples, families, and extended family members through all sorts of other health hurdles.

While fertility may have been a popular end goal, we are working to re-establish health in many other areas. Some of these are to achieve a better hormone balance, sleep quality and mental health and to rectify general chronic health concerns for both partners. In a nutshell, fertility health from a Holistic Naturopathic perspective is often not just about fertility health, but all the other factors that can contribute to a healthy and successful outcome for everyone.

I am trained as a Naturopath; however, I have often been known more as an Herbalist.

Herbal Medicine is a major passion of mine. It’s rare that my clients would leave without a custom-made herbal tonic. What I love most about mixing up a bespoke herbal mixture, is that this mix will encompass several goals and intentions in one supplement. They help to keep costs down as I can include what would otherwise take 2-5 products to achieve the same or similar result in one handy and quick to dispense bottle.

They are also strong and quick acting as they are liquid, making the ingredients easy to digest and quicker to take effect in the body, than many tablet or capsule forms. The delicate nature of many of the compounds found within these tonics, stand out to make these mixtures stronger than other tableted or powdered supplements. The one downside to some of these mixtures, is that the taste can turn some away.

I couldn’t count the amount of times a patient has told me that after taking this mixture for a while, they quickly overcome the taste hurdle and are surprised to report they now actually love and look forward to taking them. They also often comment how quickly they feel the results and how better they feel while taking them.  

Another reason why I love using herbal tonics is that they only contain the herb, alcohol and water. There are no binders or fillers or any inactive ingredients. The alcohol is imperative to the stabilization and preservation of the delicate and volatile compounds found within the plants. Without the alcohol we lose some of the effectiveness of the Herbal Medicine.

While I LOVE Herbal medicine! I also draw upon my Naturopathic teachings to use other effective supplements that I have found over the years, to strengthen and enhance the actions of my clinical practice.

In seeing me in practice I will also use diet and lifestyle changes to bring about a more wholistic and longer lasting result for my patients. Often, I find, adding some small dietary and lifestyle changes can be profound in bringing around a cost effective and lasting health improvement.

I am practicing at Fresh Holistic Health on Fridays. If you have any questions, regarding anything you have read here, please email me at

Yours in good health and wellbeing,

Robyn Cooper. B.H.Sc Naturopathy.