Margaret Stattman

Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist


Margaret graduated from Naturopathic College on the Gold Coast in 1994 practicing in pharmacy and private clinics before moving to the Sunshine Coast to start her family where she has continued to practice for the last 18 years.

Margaret has always had an interest in using natural therapies and keeping life balanced and simplistic. Growing up on a sheep property with 6 siblings in North West Queensland has given her a strong grounding in common-sense, the cycles of nature, and practical solutions. This has been a great gift when communicating with patients and helping give simple, clear and effective health strategies.

It is important to Margaret to connect in with each of her patients and understand their individual health concerns and life circumstances. She likes to take detailed case history including diet and lifestyle habits along with traditional naturopathic tongue and nail diagnosis, iridology, kinesiology, blood and urine pathology to gain a greater understanding behind the causes and drivers of their health conditions.

Margaret stays up to date with the latest research incorporating this in with foundational naturopathic principles creating effective, simple to follow plans for her patients to follow, always individualising treatments to meet the needs and lifestyles of her patient.

She loves seeing patients from all ages, and is very open to collaborating with other health practitioners to provide the best results and care for her patient’s health.

Margaret often supports her patients with Adrenal and Thyroid health, Digestive issues, Anxiety  overwhelm and stress, fatigue, skin conditions, male and female hormonal support, menopause, immune conditions, recovery from viruses, inflammation and cardiovascular health.

She uses a variety of modalities from nutrition and diet, herbal medicine, kinesiology, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essence and massage to support her patients on their health journey.

Margaret believes good health is a journey and her role is to support her patient’s own innate healing ability to bring balance back to the whole body as simply as possible while providing knowledge and insights to maintain their own health.