Lucinda Barry, Naturopath, Herbalist & Homeopath


Lucinda Barry is a friendly holistic naturopath, herbalist and homeopath who has been practising since 1999.  She brings her clinical and life experience to help her patients achieve WELLNESS.

Through accessing each persons individual needs, she works as a partnership with you, to inspire you to take charge of your health and therefore your future wellbeing.

Naturopathy is a treatment method that activates your innate healing in your body. Given the right environment you body will repair and heal and therefore get you back to wellness. Sometimes we need some extra support and info to get started or to improve our wellbeing.  Lucinda empowers her patients to make simple changes hat have huge benefits for a lifetime.
Health can seem overwhelming at times and Lucinda sees it as her job to simplify all the info and give it to you in a manner you can utilise.

Lucinda uses naturopathy, nutritional medicine, herbs, homeopathy, iridology, functional health testing and other complementary therapies and sets out a detailed protocol to help get you back to wellness.  She uses a holistic approach and works with other practitioners to make sure you get an integrated path to your health.

Areas of special interest include anxiety, stress and overwhelm, menopause and reset programmes.  Using iridology, functional testing and her years of experience Lucinda is available for consults at Fresh Holistic Health on Wednesdays.