Children’s Yoga

Fresh Holistic Health offers a special Yoga program specifically for Children.

We understand Children are faced with many challenges through their formative years and a regular practice of Yoga helps them to build resilience and practical life skills in order to thrive. 


We have an introductory offer of 3 classes for $30.00 so your child can come and try out some classes. Then we offer casual weekly classes for $15.00 per class.

To purchase your introductory 3 class pass, Create a Proflie for your Child and purchase through our booking system HERE.

About the Teacher

Talia is an athletic, energetic young lady with a passion for health and wellbeing. She has been practising yoga since the age of 14 as it has been an integral part of her competitive swimming training and played a significant role in her rehabilitation from double knee surgery. She is wanting to share the many benefits she has received from yoga to both children and adults. Talia is currently studying nutrition at university, swims daily and chooses a healthy relaxed lifestyle. She feels yoga is a great support in helping everyone of all ages deal with the stresses of our daily activities, giving us the strength to tackle all that life throws at us. Talia will be teaching Children’s yoga, Adults Fitness yoga, Adults yoga and Relaxation and Stress Relief for both Children and Adults. Her neutral style of yoga and relaxation allows for all ages and abilities to feel comfortable and receive what they feel they need from her classes. She wants all children to feel satisfaction in their academic and social lives with ease and for all adults to feel calm and empowered for the day ahead with the simple addition of yoga. Talia created her own business PURE asana in 2016 as her goal is to help others to feel fulfilled in there day to day lives and to help them become the best version of themselves.