Dr Ben Gaffney

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Master of Physiotherapy Studies



Ben has over ten years of experience as a private practice physiotherapist on the Sunshine Coast. His approach to assessment is to listen to a person’s history of pain and dysfunction and assess patterns of tension in muscle and stiffness in joints.

A guiding principal of his practice is that persistent pain is often due to irritation of nerves by muscle tension. Determining which muscles are the source of the irritation is the first step in being able to relieve such pain. Decreasing tension in those muscles is the next. Ben uses sensitively and accurately applied massage or dry needling with acupuncture needles together with insightful exercise prescription to provide pain relief and improved function.

Physiotherapy has an important part to play in a holistic health practice not least of all because irritation of nerves or poor circulation from muscle tension or poor movement patterns contributes to pain and sub-optimal organ function.

“I really enjoy working in multidisciplinary holistic health team. I find that I learn something new every day from the professionals in the various disciplines and I have seen first-hand the benefits of the integrated approach in the wellbeing of clients. I also like being able to refer clients to the other professionals because I know and trust them.”

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Ben remains committed to life-long learning through courses and workshops with internationally renowned practitioners:

2006 – Introduction to Needling for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain (Dr Tina Souvlis Physiotherapist), Brisbane QLD

2007 – Dynamic Stabilisation of the hip and pelvis (Dr Alison Grimaldi Physiotherapist), Brisbane QLD

2008 – Treatment of Pelvis and Lumbar Spine Level 1 (Dr Barbara Hungerford Physiotherapist), Sydney

2009 – Treatment of Pelvis and Lumbar Spine Level 2: The Integrated Pelvis:  A Functional approach to assessment, treatment and stabilisation of the lumbo-pelvic region (Dr Barbara Hungerford Physiotherapist) Advanced Manual Therapy Associates, Sydney NSW

2011 – Treatment of the Cervical and thoracic spine and thoracic cage: Application of Articular and Muscle Energy Techniques (Dr Barbara Hungerford Physiotherapist) Advanced Manual Therapy Associates, Sydney NSW

2012 –  Discover the Sports Thorax (Dr Linda Joy Lee Physiotherapist) Discover Physio, Brisbane QLD

2015 –    The Irritable Hip: Surgical & Conservative management Incorporating the lumbar spine, pelvis, & lower limb (Nichole Hamilton Physiotherapist) Synergy Physio, Perigean QLD


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