Ash Cargill




Ash is a friendly & down to earth Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Reiki Practitioner.

Ash’s lived experience of love, loss, childbirth & parenting has grown her compassion and understanding for others. She is passionate about the power of community. Bringing people together to share, learn, grow and heal.

Meditation & Reiki have been a foundational part of her life since her teen years.

She believes cultivating Mindfulness through Meditation practice is key to personal change. When we better refine our attention skills on our meditation cushion we can then be more skillful in our everyday lives.

Ash’s greatest intention for all she shares her practices with is that they too can find more PEACE, STILLNESS & JOY in their lives, benefiting themselves and ultimately the wider community.

Ash runs weekly mindfulness meditation classes and regular Sunday Stillness Workshops at Chambers Island, Maroochydore. She is available on Tuesdays for Reiki treatments.

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