Ash Cargill

Reiki Practitioner,
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher / Coach

Ash is a deeply caring and non-judgemental practitioner.  She has worked in medical administration (both conventional and integrated health clinics) as well as cardiology practices and heart testing centres for over 20 years. She has also taught Childbirth Education to families and worked with women who experienced birth trauma.


With her varied roles in the healthcare industry Ash has gained a deep passion and understanding for the importance of an integrated approach to wellbeing.  Ash collaborates successfully with health care professionals and is always happy to discuss any concerns you or your healthcare provider may have.

Reiki is a valuable modality that can be safely and easily used alongside all conventional and complementary medicines.  Introduced to Reiki in her early teens by her Mum, Ash has been practicing “self” Reiki on and off ever since.

Reiki is a simple, non-invasive, gentle method of hands on healing.  It does not treat specific conditions or symptoms, rather it influences the body away from stress and induces the relaxation response. Our body cannot heal in a stress state.

Regular Reiki treatments can help sustain our happiness and wellbeing.  Once we begin experiencing more peace and contentment we will want to make lifestyle choices to keep us there.

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