Support Team

ANNA Manager

Anna has enjoyed a wonderful 30-year career in and around the healthcare environment with vast experience in hospital, community, clinic rooms, tropical medicine and remote settings.

Anna’s qualifications and experience have included nursing, child health, independent midwifery, home births, natural health, medispa and health retreats, as well as human rights within the forensic mental health and disabilities sector. She brings with her an abundance of HR, staff management and business development skills to her role as Manager at Fresh Holistic Health.

Most significantly, Anna has transitioned her health from serious illness to glowing wellness by embracing food and lifestyle changes as her medicine. She shares recipes, wellness tips and her time with many of the clients in and around the clinic and studio at Fresh Holistic Health.

When not at Fresh, Anna hangs out with her husband at the beach, in their orchard and cooking up a storm in their kitchen! She loves regularly attending Yoga and Nia dance at the Fresh studio, and has three beautiful grown daughters.

ASH  Receptionist

Ash has 20 years experience as a Medical Secretary in General Practice, Cardiology and Heart Testing Centres. Along her way she has studied a year of Naturopathy, taught Hypno Birthing Classes and most recently completed training in Birth Story Healing for women who experienced difficult or disappointing births. She is passionate about women and children’s wellbeing and is thrilled to be a part of an environment that is supportive and nurturing.

Ash has two beautiful children who she loves scouring the rock pools with down at the beach. She also has two chooks, two guinea pigs and a wonderful husband. She loves the simple things in life. Herbal teas picked from her garden, walks in nature, swims in the ocean, camping with friends, eating halomi and doing yoga at Fresh! Ash loves meeting new people and hearing their stories. She looks forward to welcoming you at the front desk.

MICHEALA Receptionist






DANIELLE Registered Nurse

After Graduating with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nursing) in 2004, Danielle has spent her Nursing career traipsing the country and the globe working in various roles in the health care system.  She has worked in Metro Melbourne areas, rural and remote Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and the United Kingdom.

From working in Emergency, Orthopaedic, Vascular and Plastics, HITH and District Nursing at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne to Remote Area Nursing on Lizard Island, Queensland, Danielle has experienced some amazing career opportunities that have come her way.

Danielle has been a registered nurse with the Homeless persons Program through RDNS and played a pivotal role in setting up the Refugee Clinic at Gateway community Health in Regional Victoria.

Throughout the past 13 years’ she has been heavily involved in caring for people with chronic disease and engaging the community sector in Health promotion.

Over time it became clear that the medical system was more focused on disease management rather than holistic health care.  Through her own health journey she realised the benefits of Integrative health and getting to the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptom.

After moving to the Sunshine Coast from Victoria almost 2 years ago, Danielle made a concerted effort to find a career in integrative health.  From a personal perspective as well as a professional one, Danielle has experienced the benefits of working and being a client in integrative health and using evidence based therapeutic approaches for better health outcomes.

As a registered nurse she was interested in learning more about incorporating the mind body connection and how the body has an amazing ability to heal itself with the right tools.

Seeing benefits of less invasive, more natural approaches to improve the health of patients was very inspiring.

As the RN working with individuals, families, communities and health systems Danielle hopes to develop Integrative approaches to health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management, and engage patients to become empowered to manage their own health.

She’s married, has 2 grown step daughters and a very social staffy dog.

She dreams of the day that she can have a huge vegie garden and a menagerie of animals.