Lisa Moore

Adv Dip. Trans. Art Therapy. Dip. Couns.




Lisa is an Arts Psychotherapist/Counsellor who has a passion for working with individuals and diverse client groups through the expressive form of art therapy. Drawing from many theoretical frameworks including psychoanalytic, behavioural, humanistic, integrative and systemic, Lisa is a firm believer that a pluralistic approach is often more beneficial to clients, embracing the understanding that we are all unique and no two people are the same, therefore why use a cookie cutter approach to treating individuals.

Why Art Therapy… fast becoming one of the most popular therapies due to its versatile ability to assist people of any age, and adaptation to almost any disability or setting, this unique balance between art and therapy, the specific use of art materials creates a space whereby individuals are able to express and work through issues, challenges or experiences in a predominantly non-verbal manner, breaking down of old structures and beliefs in order to make way for new ways of seeing or being to emerge.

Through the therapeutic value of the creative process, art therapy has become a valuable and effective mental health intervention for reaching any individual regardless of age, gender, beliefs, religion, race, culture, or anyone who might not respond to other forms of therapy. Goals are to support and encourage each individual within the creative process to find relief from overwhelming emotions and feelings. For thousands of years we have used the creative process for healing, change and communication, because it is a natural and effective state of flow.

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Benefits of art therapy:

  • relief from overwhelming emotions
  • increase your sense of well being
  • enrich daily lives
  • experience personal transformation
  • discover insights about yourself
  • enhancement of thinking & reasoning skills


Services provided:

  • Delivering therapeutic art based activities/process as a proven effective mental health intervention to children, adolescents, women and men of all ages, special needs and diverse clients groups.
  • Group facilitation – Tailor made programs specific to organisation and client group goals.
  • Developed educational, fun and therapeutic based school program Yr 1 – 12, focusing on enhancing students emotional intelligence.
  • Mobile service incorporating independent program, facilitation and supply of all art materials and media required.
  • Full set up and pack up within organisations work environment.
  • Provide confidential feedback to team leaders/psychologists.