Dr Sharon Chant

MBBS (Hons); FRACGP; B.Sc.; D. Hom.



Dr Sharon Chant is a Functional Medicine doctor. As a Functional Medicine doctor, Sharon strives to maximise your health with nutrition, meaning the right foods for your body and your metabolism.

Exercise, healthy mind and good thoughts, quality sleep and spiritual practices are all needed for optimizing mind, body and spirit. Vitamin and mineral supplements may also be needed to reach your optimal health.

Dr Chant had 20 years in Homeopathy before commencing Medicine in her mid 40’s. She was brought up in a family where their family doctor was ahead of his time and used Vitamins and Minerals to balance body function; so this was where she headed when she graduated from Medicine.

She has a bachelor of homeopathy, a bachelor of medicine (hons) and has completed further studies with the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Walsh Institute (Bio Balance).

Dr Chant tries to find the underlying cause of the discomfort and ill health. Could it be a food allergy, toxin, infection? Perhaps a gene that is not working at its best level.

Dr Chant’s special interests include nutrition, mental illness including anxiety and depression, autism and behavioural disorders, bio-identical hormone restoration, diabetes management, SIBO, adrenal health, thyroid health, pre conception and pregnancy planning, anti-natal and post-natal care, tick borne illnesses and women’s health including pap smears and breast exams.


Dr Steve Gipps




Dr Gipps is an experienced General Practitioner who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years both in Australia and abroad.  At Fresh Holistic Health, Dr Gipps will pursue his interest in the research and application of medicinal cannabis products for patients managing a variety of conditions such as chronic non-cancer pain, neurodegenerative, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, PTSD and anxiety.

As such, Dr Gipps is available for consultation to assist eligible patients follow the legal pathway for prescription by applying to the relevant authorities, providing supporting clinical evidence for the specific type of medicinal cannabis product proposed for your medical condition or symptoms.

Although use is very highly regulated in Australia (it must be noted that the TGA is currently approving cannabis as a ‘last’ not ‘first’ line medicine for very limited conditions), Dr Gipps is encouraged by the direction the Federal Government is heading in on the legal use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

There are many conditions that are not specifically listed as approved by the TGA for cannabis use.

Dr Gipps will endeavour to put the best case forward for justifying use in your particular case if it seems within reasonable justification. However, neither Dr Gipps nor Fresh Holistic Health can provide any guarantee regarding the outcome of applications made.

It does take some extra effort to put a good case forward and we do therefore ask for as much support documentation as possible ie a detailed past history, medication usage history, copy of records as appropriate from labs and specialists etc

A list of herbal and other supplements ought be clearly listed also.

Dr Gipps acknowledges that there are many patients currently accessing medicinal cannabis products from the illicit market to assist with their health management. Some of these people may qualify for legal prescriptions and others may simply be looking for judgement-free guidance with whatever they are taking whilst their conditions may not qualify as of this date.

Dr Gipps:

“Generally, as a holistic practitioner, whilst minimizing prescription medication is always a goal, clear recommendations on what prescription medications ought be maintained and guidance on weening if possible is given.

With priorities on diet, exercise and relationship health, cannabis medicine is a valuable adjunct.

I look forward to working with you on your health objectives. ”

For further information on Medicinal Cannabis, CLICK HERE


Whilst the conditions listed below are acknowledged by the TGA to have a good scientific basis for use, not all are in within Dr Gipps specific areas of interest: